in a joyous manner (Freq. 2)

they shouted happily

Syn: ↑happily, ↑mirthfully, ↑gayly, ↑blithely, ↑jubilantly
Ant: ↑unhappily (for: ↑happily)
Derived from adjective: ↑jubilant (for: ↑jubilantly), ↑blithe (for: ↑blithely), ↑gay (for: ↑gayly), ↑mirthful (for: ↑mirthfully), ↑merry, ↑happy (for: ↑happily)

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  • Merrily — Mer ri*ly, adv. [From {Merry}.] In a merry manner; with mirth; with gayety and laughter; jovially. See {Mirth}, and {Merry}. [1913 Webster] Merrily sing, and sport, and play. Granville. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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